Building information modeling

BIM model is an elaborate, detailed, 3D model of the project, consisting of hundreds of thousands of distinct building elements, containing all relevant physical information and metadata of the project and it is the core of all of CAD MASTERS’s analyses. The richer the BIM model is with information, the more and better accurate analyses are provided from it.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

  • BIM Model – 3D Virtual Building
    • Architectural 3D BIM Modeling;
    • Structural 3D BIM Modeling;
    • MEP Services 3D BIM Modeling;
      • HVAC Ducting 3D BIM Modeling;
      • Plumbing Lines 3D BIM Modeling;
      • Heating and Air-Conditioning;
      • Water Supply and Sewage Systems;
      • Fire-protection and Sprinkler Systems;
    • Electrical Systems 3D BIM Modeling (cable trays, electrical cabinets);
    • Advanced 3D visualizations

The initial model is based on Architectural and Structural drawings from the tendering documentation and is used for visualizations and conceptual analysis. A detailed BIM model is developed based on Architectural, Structural and MEP shop-drawings, in coordination with the Client.