High Voltage

High Voltage

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Course Objectives:

  • Provide trainees with a wide exposure to the High Voltage Substations Projects, Reputed Companies, and Consultants.
  • Importance of H.V substations in Electrical Grid, and different kinds of H.V Substations.
  • V Substations Main Equipment.
  • Control and Protection systems of H.V substations, Conventional and Substation Automation Systems.


Course Description:

  • Upon completion of the course, the trainee will be able to design the SLD and Layout of H.V Substations.
  • Metering and Protection Single Line Diagram.
  • Control and Protection Panels front views.
  • Conventional Control Circuits in addition to Substation Control System by Automation.
  • Interlocking Logic Diagram of H.V Substations.
  • Interfaces between H.V substations equipment from Control and Protection Point of View.


Training Structure:

10 Class x 2.5 hours = 25 hours

References for the trainee to prepare himself to the course



  • Basic knowledge and skills about using AutoCAD
  • Electrical power system protection and control background.


Course Grading:

  • Attendance 25%
  • Ethics 15%
  • Assignments Submission 30%
  • Technical Project /Assignments 35%