Coloring & Manual Architectural Presentation (CMP)

Coloring & Manual Architectural Presentation (CMP)



It is important to note here that graphic communication requires mental skill as well as manual skill, we must recognize that graphics, the physical and product we are always concerned with, is itself the result of a design process, a careful analysis of why, when, and where graphic technique is employed, as well as the execution of a technique.

The various graphics conventions and techniques are presented and the rationale behind their use is explained, the order of chapters does not imply a specific sequence of the coverage of the material, but rather, it attempts to structure the field of architectural graphics into a comprehensible format.



The purpose of this course is to acquaint the beginning student with the range of graphic tools which are available for conveying architectural ideas the basic premise behind its formulation is that graphics are an inseparable part of the design process, an important tool which provides the designer with the means not only of presenting a design proposal but also communicating with himself and others in the design studio.



We recommend the following resources:

  • Architectural graphics  Frank Ching. ISBN 0-442-21862-1
  • 101 things I learned in architecture school- Matthew Fredrick. ISBN 13: 978-0-262-06266-4
  • Landscape Details Design Manual 1
  • Landscape Details Design Manual 2


  • Basic knowledge and skills about Architectural presentation.
  • Architecture background is recommended



Attendance 40%

Assignments 60%

To pass the course and receive CAD MASTERS certificate you should:

  • Attend at least 80% of course hours
  • Score more than 70% as a total score