AutoCAD Architecture (Alex Branch)

AutoCAD Architecture (Alex Branch)

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It is the oldest and most famous program in 2D drawing and used in all disciplines and fields (civil –
architecture – Mechanics – and others (and here in the architecture department, it is used to draw the
architectural plank for the internal division of buildings, “dividing the land means what is left in the
catalogs of buildings “…very important for students of architecture after the first year, or civil students
with normal consent.”



  1. Understand the interface of the program.
  2. Understand technical architectural drawings.
  3. Ability to use drawing and modifying orders.
  4. Ability to draw technical architectural drawings
  5. Make any annotation as dimensions, text, hatch, symbols, etc.
  6. Prepare technical symbols.
  7. Use AutoCAD program to produce technical drawings.
  8. Print and convert the drawings.
  9. Deal with linked files and exporting data to excel.


Course structure:

AutoCAD Architecture         8 class         24 hours


Resourcing, text books and reading material:

We recommend the following resources:

  • Mastering Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Essentials


Web Resources:



  • Basic knowledge and skills about using computers.
  •  Engineering background is recommended.



  • Certificate from CAD MASTERS
  • Certificate from Autodesk



  • Attendance                                         40%
  • Assignments                                        60%

To pass the course and receive both Autodesk certificate & CAD MASTERS certificate you should:

  • Attend at least 80% of course hours
  • Score more than 70% as a total score